Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.” – St. Jerome

TroupEnigma was formed as a platform for those who have had success working together, who enjoy and love working together, who share the same vision of collaboration and professionalism, and who want to present the absolute best for the theater community at large. 

TroupEnigma offers opportunities for everyone in the Hudson Valley to participate in the excitement of live theatre.​​ Our mission is to entertain and enhance the Hudson Valley community through the theater arts and to raise the consciousness of the audience to see a reflection of their lives. 

Good, better, best! TroupEnigma will not settle for good or better, and definitely never settle for okay. TroupEnigma will always go for best: Our primary goal is to know when you have reached it, and as importantly, to know when you have not..

TroupEnigma strives to present the ‘best’ in professional level community theater and to collaborate with all theater partners so we’re all part of the rising tide that lifts all boats.

And, finally, TroupEnigma will strive to keep the theatrical process fun, keep it inclusive, keep it honest and truthful, and to take risks. As Mike Nichols said, ‘The only safe thing is to take a chance. Play safe and you are dead. Taking risks is the essence of good work’.

Only one change we would make to that quote ‘….is the essence of the best work’.

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